What You Can Expect If You Decide To Volunteer

Before, during, and after the study, we are here to answer any questions you have to make sure you understand what is involved. 

Before you join:

  • When you contact us, we can tell you about the research we are doing.
  • You may be asked personal questions before coming into the clinic.
  • We will give you written information about the study, and you will have a detailed discussion with the clinic staff so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to join the study or not.
  • If you decide to join, you will have a physical exam that includes blood tests to check your health, and testing you for HIV.

During the study:

  • Most studies require coming into the clinic for 10 or more visits over 1-2 years.
  • Every study involves getting injections or IV infusions. You might get the study product we are researching
    or you might get a placebo (a “fake” with no active ingredients).
  • When you are enrolled in the study, we will ask you to keep track of how you feel for 3-7 days following each IV or shot. The clinic staff will also be in contact with you to find out how you’re feeling during this time.
  • Follow-up visits will include HIV counseling and testing, and answering questions from the clinic staff.
  • Some studies have tests of the fluids and tissues from the penis, the vagina, and the rectum. If you participate in a study, we will explain all of the procedures involved.
  • Some studies also ask you to provide stool samples (poop). This helps us understand your microbiome, which
    is all the microorganisms that live in your digestive system. We want to understand more about how the immune system and the microbiome work together to protect people against HIV.

After the study:

  • We may ask if we can contact you again for another study.
  • We will give you information about where you can get HIV testing.
  • When the study is complete we will tell you the results.